Like hi :)

I'm fifteen you know the age we become women even though we turned women at like 12 years old. New York, Long Island is the place. And I'm Hispanic :)

Struggling with life as you know it, getting along with my tumblr.

I like to write although you won't likely see any of my stories because I tend to be shy, and also cos my flash drive got lost with three years of my life on it. So no big deal

Writers block since like June 10th

  • If you love him… and you should

    (Source: wandkeepers)

  • When it turns 1 am and you suddenly get the urge to recall one of the biggest heartbreaks in history. Eleven x Clara. Like why. It’s almost 1:30 am and this is crazy cos I have a chem test today first period for a block that I haven’t even studied for. Damnnnnn

  • rosewolfy:

    Make me choose

    ↳ anonymous asked: Eleven/Amelia or Eleven/Clara?

  • docsclara:

    "the trick is; don’t fall in love.”

  • clara-oswald:

    will there be cocktails?

  • elevenclara+ shut up’s