Like hi :)

I'm fifteen you know the age we become women even though we turned women at like 12 years old. New York, Long Island is the place. And I'm Hispanic :)

Struggling with life as you know it, getting along with my tumblr.

I like to write although you won't likely see any of my stories because I tend to be shy, and also cos my flash drive got lost with three years of my life on it. So no big deal

Writers block since like June 10th

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    Click here to watch Larry Wilmore and Jon Stewart discuss shop and frisk on The Daily Show.

    Full episodes are available anytime, anywhere on the Comedy Central app.

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    *puts on sexy underwear but accepts the fact that no one will see it*

    But knowing daddy bought them is good enough for me.


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    If you pull me on your lap there is a 101% chance I’m going to make out with you.

    i would advise you to avoid santa

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    Ariel View Coal Mining | Bernhard Lang

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    i fancy a banana

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    A cauliflower gets an MRI scan at GE’s Global Research Center in Munich, Germany. Image sequenced using 5mm slices.